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After entering the Eternal Throne room, Arcann was taken aback at seeing his previous Throne and lamented the death of tens of millions he induced while holding it, whereas Senya assured him that he became a greater man since then. The Commander took the Throne, which ship a shock through their physique and pacified the Fleet. Senya congratulated them, but immediately afterwards Valkorion revealed his ultimate purpose, forcing the Commander to kneel and proclaiming his want to eradicate the Commander‘s thoughts and take possession of their body, shocking them into nothingness. The Commander awoke inside their own mindscape, the place they beforehand conversed with Valkorion during their carbonite sleep. However, the Commander was now carrying Valkorion’s skin in a subconscious attempt to save lots of their id from being fully erased. Traversing the bizarre mindscape, the Commander cleansed their corrupted memories, realizing that Valkorion only pretended to abandon their body on Odessen and later absorbed Vaylin’s spirit after her loss of life, giving the Immortal Emperor the key he wanted to conquer his vessel’s psychological defenses. Locating the mental image of Dramath’s holocron, the Commander regained their identification, and Valkorion once once more manifested in his standard image.

If the player is a Bounty Hunter, Acina or Vowrawn will grant them the rank of Hunter and shall be charged with hunting down and destroying the Empire’s enemies. The Alliance Commander accepts the Empress’ or Emperor’s proposal and rejoins the Sith Empire stating that this is the place they really belong. Acina is most glad with the Commander‘s reply and states that she is going to begin the required preparations and will find a liaison between her and the Commander in Darth Malgus’ absence. While detailing on what the Alliance Commander can reclaim if they rejoin the Empire, Acina does offer that the Alliance Commander can remain where they’re and maintain the Alliance’s independence if they select however they might nonetheless work with the Hand relatively than the Dark Council. If the Commander refuses to rejoin, Acina will categorical her disappointment and bids the Commander a bitter farewell till known as upon. If Acina was killed on Iokath, then Vowrawn proposes the thought as a substitute with all the identical situations and alternatives. The War for Iokath: Now Live! ↑ Based on the novel The Old Republic: Annihilation, the Treaty of Coruscant collapsed in 3642 BBY, and Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire states that Choza Raabat disappeared two years earlier than that, or 3644 BBY. The sport additionally establishes that Raabat’s disappearance occurred twelve years before the occasions of Fallen Empire, so Chapters II-VII of Fallen Empire must happen in 3632 BBY, and Chapter I-which takes place 5 years previous to the remainder of the enlargement-in 3637 BBY. Chapter IX and the post-chapter content span various months, between the years 3632 and 3631 BBY.

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Reaching the Shrine of Healing, Theron and the Commander met with Senya, who once more pleaded them to let Arcann be healed, whereas Vaylin, learning that her family was multi functional place, ordered the Eternal Fleet to bombard the Shrine. The Commander ordered Lana and the Mandalorians to protect the Shrine to purchase Senya time and collapsed a tunnel behind them to stop the pursuing skytroopers. By the time the Commander and Theron reached Senya’s position, she had already ordered the Mystics to make use of her strength to heal her son in a Voss healing ritual, which let her comatose. Theron stayed to tend to Senya, while the Commander and Lana chased escaping Arcann to his shuttle, however have been too late to cease his departure. By this level Vaylin has ordered the Eternal Fleet to burn her family no matter casualties on Voss, but the battle was turned by the arrival of the Imperial fleet, which turned the Eternal Fleet away.

Season 1 The Gifted

Gault, Vette and the Commander encountered some difficulties when the only escape route left to them was to take the Skyhook down the best way the got here, however their path was blocked by actual Vaylin, who arrived with an inspection. Determined to keep away from confronting her, Gault advised going exterior on the ship’s hull, where he obtained a name from Hylo Visz. His old associate positioned her shuttle next to the hull of the Gilded Star in order that Gault, Vette and the Commander may jump off it immediately onto her vessel, whereas the remainder of their crew left onboard Beniko’s tanker. Returning to Odessen, Gault and Vette expressed their want to join the Alliance, but the celebration was interrupted by the return of Aric Jorgan and Kaliyo Djannis, who managed to escape Zakuul with a database on the GEMINI droids, although four of Havoc Squad’s six members had been misplaced in the process. Hoping to salvage the fiasco, Beniko ordered SCORPIO to investigate the info archive.

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